Basics of dnp Capstone Project

Doctor of Nursing Practice (dnp) previously, Nursing Doctorate (ND) is a clinical doctorate that emphasizes quality improvement of clinical nursing practice and practice-based problem investigation. Dnp allows graduates to practice and evaluate current dynamic practice in the health sector and the ever-changing society needs. It focuses on patient care, improvement of health care systems, and improving general safety of patients.

How dnp Capstone proposal is written

Dnp capstone project proposal is written before the final the project, you will be required to choose a subject topic of your interest that relates to nursing and is intended to solving a specific problem within the health care. Dnp proposal has not collected data, analyzed, interpreted, and has not been presented. To proceed with your dnp proposal, you need to get a green light from the dnp approving committee within your program.

Structure Followed When Writing dnp Proposal

Follow this structure when writing dnp proposal




Theoretical framework

Significance of the study

Specific aim




When writing an abstract you need to highlight the problem and reasons why it should be discussed, the method used to answer research collection methods as well as to test the hypothesis. When writing dnp projects it’s recommended to use both qualitative and quantitative, still within the abstract discuss your population study and sample size and medical professionals



In this section, you need to give your problem and provide its significance, discuss its background, and briefly also the initial researcher and perhaps the work of others who motivated you to study this project.

Theoretical framework

Here you will discuss the theoretical framework (conceptual framework) that supports your project and the model you will provide the basis for your project. Be sure to use a theory within the nursing program.

It is important to ensure the problem you are studying corresponds with the theory model you use.

Significance of the study

This is simply the importance of the study. How the study of the problem will be of significant importance to the subject under study.

Specific aim

You will be required to be clear on this, give the reasons for your study


Writing methodology is going to take more of your time as it carries more weight on your proposal. You want a great proposal then give your whole here.

Discuss in detail the sample size and the criteria used in selection, evaluation, the sampling technique used, and how you intend to analyze your data findings.


This is the summary of your proposal. State your problem questions, hypothesis, techniques used, and finally the implication of the capstone project.

Difference Between doctor of nursing practice (dnp)

And doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) Doctorate Degree in Nursing

Have you been thinking of pursuing nursing-related doctorate programs but get confused between the two nursing education programs? Here is the simple difference dnp is a practice-based nursing degree program while Ph.D. is a research-based nursing program.

Comparison Between dnp and PhD

Dnp doctorate nursing degree

Dnp students apply the expertise in a leadership role leading nurses and practice emphasizes in clinical practices.

· Focuses on evidence-based healthcare practices lead teams in building cohesion.

·Works towards achieving an improved health care system.

· Focused on improving the society needs

· Evaluates patient care

Ph.D. doctorate nursing degree

This focuses on academic research and it enables nurses to enhance their knowledge of the evidence from the research finding

· Take lead position in leading research team

· Lead nurses in carrying out data analysis and evaluation and implementation of research findings

· Researching for education purposes

Dissertation project

Ph.D. students complete course work and exams and proceed to carry out the dissertation proposal after it is approved by the project committee, they go-ahead to complete the dissertation which adds to the knowledge in the field of nursing. Nursing practice dnp students are required to defend their dissertation before graduation.

How Long Should a dnp Project be?

Depending on the program that the student has chosen if it is wide it may be long and vice versa, so there is no specific length as long as its covering the ideal project structure

What Makes a Good dnp Projects?

The good part about dnp projects is that you are allowed to choose a dnp program for yourself and this allows nurses to choose an area that they have great passion about therefore carrying out the projects should be a lighter task considering that the nurses are already busy in their medical discipline practicing. A good topic should be;


When choosing a project topic ensure that it is researchable to enable you to get the information that you need. You may need to seek assistance from your professor or other experts in your area. Check the literature review of the subject you have chosen this will help you to narrow it down to be clear, discuss your problem question, hypothesis, and the techniques to use


It is crucial to be relevant with your dnp capstone project your topic should solve the stated problem and answer its needs.

You should carry out an analysis, and evaluate the potential challenges by involving nurses and other experts in the field to review the issues touching on the problems identified.

In this case, it’s advisable to involve nurses and staff members to share their thoughts even before you carry out the project.

Should Bring Impact

Before you proceed with your project, you should answer this question, what impact will the project bring? Decide on a methodology that will have improved and take the practice forward. There are research tools online that can help in carrying out your dnp capstone project.

Bottom line

The project findings should bring better care practice and improved health systems to offer better services to patients.

The education and skills acquired can be applied in different clinical practice, setting, and population

Completing these college assessment projects is not simple nurses and members of the team play an important role through their immense support they may offer to you.

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