Popular Essay Topics for Nursing Students

If you are pursuing a nursing course, you are required to write numerous essays based on various nursing topics. Therefore, you need to be careful with the topics you select for your essays to deliver better marks from the essay assignments.

However, most nursing students find it difficult in choosing the best topic, appropriate for their nursing essays. Here, we guide you in choosing your nursing topic, popular nursing essay topics, and how to write a good nursing essay out of them.

Types of Nursing Essay

In nursing, essay writing involves personal narratives, academic papers, and professional composition. You must get familiar with each of these essay types because there are many similarities between these essays such as overarching thesis, supportive, and logical structure.

In all these nursing essay types, support your arguments with factual, statistical, rhetorical, and anecdotal evidence. Regardless each needs a distinct set of writing skills to attain a specific essay outcome.

  • Narrative Nursing Essay

Just as the name suggests, a narrative nursing essay tells a story from a perfect point of view. A perfect narrative nursing essay has an introduction, body, and conclusion. The narrative nursing essays come in the form of personal statements or narratives. This essay must have a clear purpose and are should be based on a specific subject matter. It should be written in the first person with concise and suggestive language.

  • Expository

Expository nursing essays often follow a basic five-paragraph structure. The nursing essays seek to explain or inform the reader about a particular topic. This type of nursing essay features a clear structure with a logical transition between the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Most importantly, make sure to provide ample evidence to reinforce your arguments.

  • Persuasive Nursing Essay

The persuasive nursing essay is often confused with the expository form that has argumentative elements. However, the persuasive essay endeavors to convince the reader to adopt a particular viewpoint or take a specific action.

For instance, in a persuasive essay, you can argue for the federal legalization of marijuana in the US due to proven medical benefits as well as economic gains. Like the other essay types, the persuasive nursing essay requires focusing on clear arguments, overall structure, and logical transitions.

  • Comparative Nursing Essay

A comparative nursing essay seeks to compare and contrast two points of view. You may be asked to evaluate theories, events, texts, or opinions on a singular issue. As such, you will be required to offer an impartial analysis, argue for the authority of one side, or propose a synthesis.

Whichever the case, pay attention to the structure to connect the two contrasting viewpoints under one thesis. You can either discuss the two-argument in detail or move from one topic to the next while including data from both arguments.

  • Cause and Effect

Just like the comparative nursing essay, the cause and effect nursing essay seeks to report a specific subject for a specific position. These essays also require a clean and strong thesis to provide a solid foundation. This nursing essay heavily relies on logical transitions with the body paragraphs structured by describing each cause and its immediate effect.

Top Tips on How to Choose the Best Nursing Essay Topics

Without a doubt, nursing is a broad course that covers multiple topics from which nursing students can always write essays. To deliver the best of marks from your essays, you need to pick the topic that will captivate your professor. Regardless, how best can you choose an appropriate nursing essay topic? Follow these simple guidelines when selecting your nursing essay topic.

  • What do you want to write on?

This is a critical question that you should ask yourself before you can even settle on a specific topic. It will help narrow down your ideas. And since nursing is such an extensive discipline, you must carefully figure out what you are needed to base your essay on. therefore, ensure that your topic is in line with the nursing course as well as the content you write to avoid confusing yourself.

  • Choose a topic that is interesting to the readers

 Most readers appreciate captivating topics. Therefore, ensure your nursing essay topic interests the reader. It can be your professor or other target readers. Besides, incorporate useful nursing keywords aligned with what you want to write about. These keywords will form the foundation for your nursing essay.

  • Extensively Research on the topic

It is recommended that you choose a nursing essay topic that you can understand. As such, do thorough research on both the topic idea you intend to write on and the topic you intend to describe. However, keep in mind that you will need to answer the question the topic brings. Therefore, gather enough information on the topics before you can settle on the final essay topic.

  • Make the topic simple and unique

It will be challenging for you to write on a complex nursing essay topic and also difficult for your reader to understand its meaning. As such, focus on making your essay topic easy to understand. If you have a broader topic, narrow it down. Moreover, have a topic that you can easily research on and get relevant and dependable sources and materials. Consider a not so recent and not-so-popular nursing essay topic so that it comes out unique.

How to Write a Great Nursing Essay

Once you settle on your nursing essay topic, the next step is to align all your ideas and thoughts to fit within the topic parameters. Develop a captivating thesis statement that will provide insight to the reader. Before you start writing your essay, think about the following:

  • You are targeting a highly educated class. Thus, you need to be factual with information. The audience is aware of what you have written, however, curious to know how different have you written it.
  • Ensure to give the audience something worthwhile for their time. Certainly, most nurses have read widely but not all.  Therefore, dig deeper for original quality content. Provide your essay with practical information and not just theory.
  • Consider using a methodology that translates the information you provide simply and uniquely to readers. There may be little that is new in nursing, but everything comes down to how you present your ideas.

A good nursing essay should follow a specific structure. It should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Each of the three components contains specific information that we elaborate on below.

  • Introduction

The introduction to your nursing essay must have a general point of view of the essay topic while stating the reasons for writing the essay. Start your essay with an interesting introduction. Failure to impress your reader and provoke their curiosity, then you would have failed as a writer. As such, make sure to grab the attention right from the introduction.

In the introduction, define your essay topic and give a plan on how to execute it. Your introduction should be like a guideline that will help you stay in line in your essay writing. Therefore, clearly outline what your reader should expect in the essay body.

  • Body

Your essay body should be content-based with each paragraph containing a specific idea. The paragraphs should have a precise structure. For instance, every single point should be in its paragraph for the reader to understand your argument with ease.

Moreover, writing each point in a separate paragraph will help you focus on points while you maintain the coherence of the sentences. Structure and arrange your paragraphs according to the strength of each argument. Begin with the strong arguments and end with the less strong.

The essay body must use the introduction as the outline to transit from one argument to the other. The paragraphs should start with sentences stating the idea, then support it, and conclude the idea.

  • Conclusion

The primary function of a conclusion is the summarize the arguments in your nursing essay. It focuses on giving closure to the topic by summing up all the ideas and giving a final view of the topic. Therefore, consider reviewing the main ideas while reinforcing the thesis statement. Make sure to draw a final judgment on all issues raised in the essay. Most importantly, refer to the essay topic in the discussion.

Finally, go through your nursing essay and ensure it follows well without any grammatical or spelling mistakes. However, if you still have challenges choosing your nursing essay topic, here are popular essay topics to consider choosing:

Popular Essay Topics for Nursing Students

  • Parkinson Disease: Causes and Development
  • Syndrome of the Restless Legs: How to Treat it
  • Ethics in Geriatrics
  • Exercises used to Improve Mental Health
  • Checklist for the Delivery Room Behavior
  • Effective Tips for Antenatal Treatment
  • Problems Encountered by the Spouses of the Patients with Dyslexia
  • Pre-Term Labor Threats
  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Proper Treatment
  • Recommendations for Creating Strong Nursing Communities
  • Behavior Assessment in Pediatric Primary Care
  • Music Therapy and Lactation
  • Why Can Mother’s Health Be under the Threat During the Child Birth?
  • Influence of Ageism on Mental Health
  • Research on Atrial Fibrillation
  • Skin-to-skin Contact by Mothers and its Consequences
  • Newborn Resuscitation Practices
  • Does a Nurse Have a Right to Prescribe Drugs?
  • Effective Therapy for Bladder Cancer
  • Approaches to Improving Emotional Health of Nurses
  • Joint Issue Research in Elderly Population
  • Pros & Cons of Water Birth
  • Demands for the Critical Care
  • Why Should Nurses and Healthcare Workers Cooperate?
  • The Role of Governmental Policies on the Hiring of Healthcare Professionals
  • Prevention Measures for Those Who Have to Contact Infectious Diseases
  • How to Minimize the Threat of Cardiovascular Problems?
  • Treatment and Prevention of Acne and Other Skin Problems
  • Consequences of the So-Called “Cold Therapy”
  • The Role of Good Leadership Skills in the Nursing Profession
  • Methods used to Detect an Abused Elderly Patient
  • Psychiatric Patient Ethics
  • Alcohol Addiction and How to Get Rid of It
  • Emerging Ethical Problems in Pain Management
  • Risk Factors for Osteoporosis in Female Population
  • End-of-Life Care Interventions the Work
  • How to Teach Female Population about Menopause Management
  • Family Engagement in Primary Healthcare
  • The Correlation between Teen Aggression and Video Games
  • PTSD in the Veterans of the United States Army
  • Reasons for Aged Patients to Use Alcohol in Nursing Homes
  • Outcomes of Abdominal Massage in Critical Sick Population
  • Do the Race and Gender of a Patient Play a Role in Pain Management?
  • Mirror Therapy for Stroke Patients Who Are Partially Paralyzed
  • Developing an Effective Weight Loss Program: Case Study
  • Comparing and Contrasting Public Health Nursing Models in Various Regions
  • Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of ADHD
  • The Importance of Kid and Teen Vaccination
  • How to Prevent Child Obesity?
  • What are the Obligations of every Nurse in Any Situation?
  • The obligation of every Pharmacist
  • Contemporary Approaches to Vaccinating Teenagers
  • Providing Spiritual Care: Does It Make Sense
  • eHealth: The Effectiveness of Telecare and eCare
  • Advantages of Per Therapy in Kids with Autism Disorder
  • Symptoms in ER That Cannot Be Explained by Medicine
  • Disorders with the Sexual Health of an Average Woman
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: Opioid Usage
  • Burn-Out in the Nursing Profession: Effective Ways to Handle Stress
  • Typical Causes of Headache
  • Evaluation of Childbirth Efficacy
  • Mental Causes of Anorexia Nervosa
  • Maternal Practices in Urban Areas
  • Rules for Pregnant Women Who Suffer from Obesity
  • Childcare Services Integration in Primary Medicine
  • The Possible Consequences of Abortion for Women
  • Quality Evaluation Techniques in Healthcare & Medicine
  • Strategies Used by Government to Finance Healthcare System
  • Top Measure Used to Prevent Pregnancy
  • Treatment of Patients in Prison
  • Patient Security and Human Factors
  • How to Deal with Various Types of Eating Disorders
  • Reasons for Seizures to Happen in Young Adolescents
  • Psychological Sides of Infant Treatment
  • Healthcare Home Services and Self-Medicine
  • Therapies Used to Treat Speech Disorders
  • Medical Uniform Code Principles
  • Nursing Marijuana Management & Control
  • Antibiotic Resistance in Small Kids
  • Bad Habits and Illness Impacted by Social Media and Pop Culture
  • Termination of Pregnancy: Risks for Female Health
  • How to Stick to the Safe Sex Culture

Still don’t have a clue on which essay topic to choose for nursing? Well, you can seek professional nursing essay help.

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