Privacy Policy

When using these nursing writing services, personal information like your name and an email address may be required. This information is necessary when requesting an order, registering for customized services, or applying for a writer position . Personal information aids in the provision of services and the identification of you if you initiate contact. Only a secure connection is used to collect personal and financial information.

Information sharing

Your personal information is never shared with other parties or unauthorized individuals. Your information may be used  for customer, administrative and marketing purposes. however, marketing activities using work done for a client is limited and you have the option to opt out at any time. For a modest cost, you have the right to obtain a copy of your personal information and have any inaccuracies corrected. If you wish to know about your personal data or believe it is erroneous or being misused, you should contact support at the inquiries email address.

Use of client information

Personal information and conversations may be gathered through telephone calls or other available means as a preventive, training, and protective measure. However, a client must agree on the same to ensure their privacy and confidentiality is not interfered with. If you supply information about other people, you affirm that they have given you permission to share it and have given the writers permission to process their personal data, which may include sensitive date.  It also verifies that you told them about action and the purposes for which we would use their personal information as described in a notice.

You can place, monitor, and download requests by creating an online account. In most cases, the services use your email as a username to generate a unique identification for youTo properly handle your purchase, you must also keep track of the research paper completed as well as any files uploaded to your purchase. Even though the privacy policy seeks to anonymize data before sending it on to writers, you should aim to erase all personal details from everything you upload.

Confidentiality and security of client data

To ensure that your personal information is stored and sent securely, a range of technical and organizational methods are employed. Personal data, for example, is diligently encrypted, with frequent backups made in the event that the original copy of data is lost. When sending email via the Internet, keep in mind that the current nature of the Internet means that unencrypted communication poss an insecurity threat owing to routing issues. Clients are encouraged not to provide any sensitive or confidential information, including credit card information, by email.

Children and cookies

Children under the age of 16 years should not avail any personal information unless under the assistance and authorization of an adult or institution. If you are found guilty of collecting or receiving private information from a person under the age of 16, the company has the right to terminate any transactions and operations, as well as remove all user information you have provided. Through your internet browser, a client can configure their device to allow or reject cookies. However, if you refuse cookies, this website may not function properly or you may be denied access to specific areas, such as the customer login page.

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